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Leilani and Davanta Dated for 4 years engaged for 2 years. We were supposed to get married May 2, 2020 and unfortunately had to push it back until July ! Just praying I can make this amazing man my husband @pineapple_xpresss

We’re newlyweds, we’ve been married for 6 months and I moved from Jamaica 🇯🇲 to Iceland to be with him. We’ve started our new life here 🇮🇸 @shanti_python

We met in Germany last year while i was there studying the Language! I’m from New York and he’s from Germany! @luvthemclovin

Alex and I ,met in 10/01/2020, in Klerksdorp Public hospital, where he works ,we haven’t separated since then, until the lockdown, 3 weeks ago ,due to corona virus…We are both South Africans, from the North West Province,in Klerksdorp,we haven’t see each other , though we do What’s App video calls,chart and text each other everyday.I love & miss him so much. @mmanyeo_moretlo

We Both live in Phoenix, Arizona, we met in 2018 while working at a restaurant He was a bartender and I was a server. This charming man swept me off my feet and I never looked back! @prettygirlness

I’m Ghanaian and he’s Italian, we met in a Bar in Brescia, A city in northern Italy. We dated for 6 months and then we started our family Journey very soon after we have met. Early in our relationship We knew we wanted to be together as a big family with kids running around. And then boom, Santiago and Jordan came along. We are so happy indeed!!! @bwwm__swirls__fam