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24 years old ♓ Pisces

Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

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Mussa Ally Mchichiona from Tanzania Born 8th of march in 1997 at Temeke municipal in Dar es salaam Tanzania he is a last born to her mother, while at 6 he looses her mother and grow up with only one parent. Education he has a diploma in chemistry and biology and completed his secondary education at wailes secondary School in Temeke Dar es salaam and advance education at morogoro Teachers college and primary school at Mtoni primary school, Experience he has been work as a facilitator in educating girls on sexual and reproductive education TAI and he works as a secondary School teacher in Tanzania Also he has cooperated with Umati Tanzania in the implementation of SRH (sexual reproductive health) for youth in Temeke municipal,He has also volunteered in teaching the secondary school students in biology and chemistry subjects. Also, he has more than five years of experience working with different NGOs in Tanzania. He has lead his voice all of his time in empowering young Tanzanian through SRH sexually and reproductive health education, entrepreneurship and gender equality,He is also in initial stage of establishing his organization that will enable and teach young Tanzanians in management and adolescence sexual education while growing his profile and career as an image expert and national icon within Tanzania and beyond. He has experience in communication skills, leadership, youth activities and a teacher and program facilitator He holds different recognized certificates due to his works from TAI Tanzania, TASE (Tanzanian )in youth professional and potential awareness, anti-corruption institution PCCB ( prevention and combusting corruption bureau), GNRC ( global network religion for children), MP (And he is a former member of parliament at Morogoro teachers college. In 2019 he was selected to join one of the most competitive program in Africa and world in general Yali program (young African leadership initiative) that were established by the former US president Barack Obama to empower youths in Africa and he was been among the selected applicants from more than 340000 applicants in East Africa and Africa he was among eight(8) few Tanzanian youth and young person among the selected participants to join the program at Kenyatta university he was selected in Civic leadership track that time he was only 21 years, Due to his strong background of assisting other fellows youth in educating them in sexual and reproductive health education that he achieved by educating more than 1000 students of Dar es salaam secondary School that were Bunju secondary School ,Manzese secondary School that he was successfully train that number of students cooperating with Tai Tanzania a non government organization, Also he is a professional with extensive experience working on development interventions, programme management of social-economic programmes, and media. He is an analytical, innovative and strategic thinker with excellent communication and organizational skills, excellent interpersonal and cross-cultural skills, proven capabilities in producing programmatic results in difficult environment also the founder of they need us Initiative were he trains youths in management as well creativity awareness, His goals for Professional Development are; learn a new skill, network with like-minded people, challenge him myself, work on his weaknesses and communicate better with different people.

Ready to travel

Yes I'm ready to travel and to have experience and exposure

I am looking for

Wish to meet:
— Woman
Preferred age:
— 21-25
Purpose of dating:
— Friendship
— Family
— Traveling
Whom I want to find:
I want to find a girl whom we will make a family together beautiful one and slim but not to that extent I will love her from the buttom of my heart and I want a girl who is at least mixed one or white girl

About me

Mixed race
5,4 ft (163-165 cm)
40-50 kg
Hair color:
Light brown
No, I am single
Do not drink
Academic degree
Languages spoken:
— English
— Other
No, but I want
Place of residence:
Live alone in my house
Football, basketball , hockey,
Reading , playing football , watching movies, helping others

Preferences in partner

What excites me:
— Clothes
— Smell
— Massage
— Photo and video
— Role-playing game
How often I would like to hangout :
On Holidays
My Hobbies:
— Hiking
— Traveling
Finance support:
I am looking for a sponsor


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